Who We Are

Advanced Transportation Solutions was established in 2010 by Gilbert Chlewicki, PE and in 2014 became a division of American Consulting Professionals. Mr. Chlewicki is locally known for his extensive experience in a diverse amount of transportation projects. His experience ranges from small sidewalk projects to major highway projects. He has worked on transportation projects in all stages of its development, from planning to design/build. Mr. Chlewicki is fully fluent in the NEPA process and has successfully guided many projects. He has worked on traffic, highway, pedestrians, bicycles, and transit work. He is an expert on developing complete streets.

Mr. Chlewicki is known internationally for his expertise on innovative intersections and interchanges. The two designs that he is most known for are the Synchronized Split-Phasing Intersection and the Diverging Diamond Interchange. Mr. Chlewicki has published several papers on these designs and has given presentations on these designs across the continent (from Vancouver, British Columbia to Raleigh, North Carolina). He has also been on projects that involved continuous flow intersections, roundabouts, median u-turns, j-turns, superstreets, jughandles, split intersections, single point urban interchange, and many more. Mr. Chlewicki has been developing new designs as well including several new designs that are variations of the Diverging Diamond Interchange concept. Mr. Chlewicki understands the many finer details of these designs that allow him to know when to apply each concept and how to design it to its optimal capabilities.

Mr. Chlewicki’s employment experience is diverse as well. He started in public service at Maryland’s State Highway Administration (MDSHA). He rotated through several divisions including Construction Inspection, the Office of Traffic and Safety, Highway Design Division, Project Planning Division, and the District 2 Office. He spent two years working for the University of Maryland Civil Engineering Department developing transportation research as well. Mr. Chlewicki has also worked for two consulting firms where his local clients included MDSHA, Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Maryland Transit Administration, and several local agencies.

At the 2011 Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting, a new work group within the Joint Intersections Subcommittee on Alternative Intersections was started by Mr. Chlewicki. Mr. Chlewicki is an active member of this subcommittee and the Operational Effects of Geometric Committee. He is also a member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) and is on the Planning Council.

Transportation Solutions

ATS/American is a consulting firm based in Maryland that is providing services locally and nationally.  Our name says it all.  We are able to provide the most advanced solutions for several reasons:

  • ATS/American looks at the overall picture of the transportation problem and then narrow in to the potential solutions.
  • ATS/American has an extensive toolbox to develop solutions.
  • ATS/American is able to combine elements of different tools to provide even better solutions.
  • ATS/American trains its employees to be “complete engineers and planners” with a diverse knowledge in transportation along with several possible expertise. 
  • ATS/American seeks innovative solutions instead of just cookie-cutter solutions.
  • ATS/American has a passion to better our communities through efficient transportation solutions.
  • ATS/American believes in using the right tools with the best talent and the proper techniques to ensure the best solution is developed. 

In addition to providing great transportation solutions, ATS/American provides top quality service.  We listen very carefully to our clients as to what their needs are.  We provide high quality plans, displays, studies, and reports to our clients; and we are extremely responsive when are clients need us.  ATS/American strives to give the greatest amount of value to our clients as possible in the work we do and how we do it.

Whether you need conceptual planning, final design, or any stage in between, ATS/American can help you develop the best transportation solutions.  For more information, search our website and then contact us at 301.395.9971 or by e-mail at gchlewicki@ats-american.com to see how ATS/American can help.